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Gratin of chicory with grated mature goat’s cheese and Piraat Triple Hop sauce (for 4 people)


8 small heads of Bassevelde chicory

Farmhouse butter

Pepper, salt, nutmeg

Granulated sugar

500 ml vegetable stock

250 ml Piraat Triple Hop

White sauce granules

Piece of mature goat’s cheese



Cut away the lower part of the chicory and remove part of the heart with the tip of a knife.

Heat a deep-sided pan, melt the butter and brown lightly.

Place the chicory heads in the butter and season with pepper, salt, nutmeg and sugar.

Colour until nicely golden brown on all sides.

Deglaze with the stock and Piraat Triple Hop.

Warm on a gentle heat and cook with the lid on for 20 minutes.

Then remove the cooked chicory from the sauce.

Bring the sauce to the boil, mix smoothly and add in a knob of butter.

Just before serving, finish with a dash of Piraat Triple Hop for extra flavour.

Grate the goat’s cheese over the chicory and place briefly under the grill.

Serve with the sauce.